The New Economic Frontier

Empty Spaces

Mark Hahn

Forward by Kim Nicolini

Empty Spaces is a beautiful and haunting document of a new kind of American landscape, a 21st century geography populated by the ghosts of fallen dreams and a failed economy. In response to the Ansel Adams school of American nature photography, William Eggleston once said that the new American wilderness could be found in the suburban supermarket. But what happens when the American dream that pushed nature into the supermarket collapses? A new geography arises, a landscape littered with the remnants of an economic glut ultimately as empty as the buildings left standing in its wake. After America’s 2008 economic collapse, Hahn began photographing failed and vacated businesses, a landscape of fallen dreams where the ornamentation of a romanticized America has been reduced to the naked geometry of empty architectural space. The result is a profoundly beautiful vision of a new kind of American ruins.

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